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Sustainability in Brazil

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Dr. Josef-Fidelis Senn
Personalvorstand, VW do Brasil


"Since 2006, I have been working in Brazil, a so called “emerging country”. Emerging is the economic power, but also emerging are problems of environmental protection, education, infrastructure and social disparities.

I am glad to have this direct insight via a working structure of an international company, the Volkswagen group. I am convinced that there are some principles to be followed here in order to achieve a better and sustainable world:

First, the multinational companies play an outstanding role in transferring their sustainability approach. Because national societies and governments in emerging countries “are not sensitized”, the companies need to assume the role to catalyze and push the whole process. And in fact in Brazil you can see very good examples.

Second, as long as the sustainability objective is not explicitly integrated in the strategic map of a company, I do not believe, that there will be a real change. At Volkswagen do Brasil, we integrated this objective and we have concrete metrics, which measures our progress. “You only get what you measure” - this management rule is valid for sustainability as well.

Third, in a country like Brazil, characterized by abundance of natural resources, you have to start in the schools in order to build up their consciousness. Otherwise the new generation will never understand the needs of sustainable development.

Fourth, there is no “good citizenship” without treating the own employees fair, within healthy work conditions, good training and some welfare benefits. Since the Maslow's hierarchy of needs, we know that every human being has more needs than the basic need of food. International companies are able to construct appropriate personnel policies.

We as responsible managers at the top level of companies are obligated to help and push in a sustainable direction – even more in emerging countries."

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